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Micro-gap formation at the implant-abutment interface of two-piece dental implants was investigated in vitro using high-resolution radiography in combination with hard X-ray synchrotron radiation. Images were taken with the specimen under different mechanical loads of up to 100 N. The aim of this investigation was to prove the existence of micro-gaps for(More)
Synchrotron real-time radioscopy and in situ microtomography are the only techniques providing direct visible information on a micrometre scale of local deformation in the implant-abutment connection (IAC) during and after cyclic loading. The microgap formation at the IAC has been subject to a number of studies as it has been proposed to be associated with(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the relative usefulness and suitability of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in daily clinical practice as compared to various technologies of computed tomography (CT) in addressing questions of orthodontic interest. METHODS Three blinded raters evaluated 2D slices and 3D reconstructions created from scans of two pig heads. Five(More)
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