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The Union-Find data structure for maintaning disjoint sets is one of the best known and widespread data structures, in particular the version with constant-time Union and efficient Find. Recently, the question of how to handle deletions from the structure in an efficient manner has been taken up, first by Kaplan, Shafrir and Tarjan (2002) and subsequently(More)
A model for the Reynolds-number dependence of the dimensionless dissipation rate C(ɛ) was derived from the dimensionless Kármán-Howarth equation, resulting in C(ɛ)=C(ɛ,∞)+C/R(L)+O(1/R(L)(2)), where R(L) is the integral scale Reynolds number. The coefficients C and C(ɛ,∞) arise from asymptotic expansions of the dimensionless second- and third-order structure(More)
Stimulated Raman backscattering in plasma is potentially an efficient method of amplifying laser pulses to reach exawatt powers because plasma is fully broken down and withstands extremely high electric fields. Plasma also has unique nonlinear optical properties that allow simultaneous compression of optical pulses to ultra-short durations. However, current(More)
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