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OBJECTIVE The authors determined if more radical surgery with extended lymphadenectomy improves the results of gastrectomy in patients with adenocarcinoma of the gastric antrum. SUMMARY BACKGROUND DATA The overall survival in patients with gastric cancer is disappointing. Improved survival has been reported by Japanese authors. Whether this is because of(More)
A 42 year old female presented with a 6 year history of a perineal mass. Clinically it had all the features of a perineal hernia. Two previous attempts to repair the 'hernia' had been performed. At operation an aggressive angiomyxoma of the female pelvis was identified and resected via an abdomino-perineal combined approach. The case is discussed with(More)
OBJECTIVE Determine whether absorbable or nonabsorbable mesh in repair of large hiatus hernias reduces the risk of recurrence, compared with suture repair. BACKGROUND Repair of large hiatus hernia is associated with radiological recurrence rates of up to 30%, and to improve outcomes mesh repair has been recommended. Previous trials have shown less(More)
The increased international sharing of data in research consortia and the introduction of new technologies for sequencing challenge the informed consent (IC) process, adding complexities that require coordination between research centres worldwide. Rare disease consortia present special challenges since available data and samples may be very limited. Thus,(More)
Laparoscopic surgery is the treatment of choice for repair of large hiatus hernia, but can be followed by recurrence. Repair with prosthetic mesh has been recommended to prevent recurrence, although complications following mesh repair have generated disagreement about whether or not mesh should be used. The early objective and clinical results of a(More)
There is a growing international agreement on the need to provide greater access to research data and bio-specimen collections to optimize their long-term value and exploit their potential for health discovery and validation. This is especially evident for rare disease research. Currently, the rising value of data and bio-specimen collections does not(More)
Oxygen saturation and pulse rate were recorded using pulse oximetry during 50 consecutive endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) examinations. Oxygen saturation dropped to below 90% in 22 patients at some point during the procedure. Multiple regression analysis revealed that increasing age and weight were the most significant variables in(More)
Although the therapeutic misconception (TM) has been well described over a period of approximately 20 years, there has been disagreement about its implications for informed consent to research. In this paper we review some of the history and debate over the ethical implications of TM but also bring a new perspective to those debates. Drawing upon our(More)
A retrospective study of patients having gastroenterostomies was undertaken to identify predictive factors for the development of postoperative delayed return of gastric emptying (DRGE). A total of 322 consecutive patients underwent 324 gastroenterostomies; 35 experienced delayed return of gastric emptying. Regression analysis demonstrated preoperative(More)
BACKGROUND Gastrectomy with extended lymphadenectomy is the advocated treatment in Japan for patients with "curable" stomach cancer. Attempts in units elsewhere adopting this approach failed to show any survival advantage, and the high operative mortality has prevented global acceptance of the operation. This study examines the safety and efficacy of(More)