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Available online xxxx Keywords: Policy–science interface Real-time data Bridging information gap Adaptive management a b s t r a c t Coastal and reef policy decisions and management programs require research to address current and emerging issues, to detect trends in key environmental variables and to help evaluate the effectiveness of management(More)
BACKGROUND The mechanisms by which ventricular function is altered during cardiac transplant rejection are not well understood. Therefore, an in vitro model system has been developed to facilitate investigation of lymphocyte-mediated myocyte injury. METHODS AND RESULTS Splenic lymphoid cells were obtained from mice 8-10 days after placement of a(More)
Neurologic disorders are uncommon but alarming complications of cardiac transplantation. Of 29 patients from the Utah Cardiac Transplant Program (UCTP) who had lumbar puncture because of change in neurologic function, or to assess fever of uncertain etiology, CSF pleocytosis was present in 14 patients, 4 of whom had an active infectious process involving(More)
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