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Celebrating Soft Matter's 10th Anniversary: Simplicity in complexity--towards a soft matter physics of caramel.
Oscillatory rheology within a 'caramel region' within this region reveals that it can superpose the mechanical spectra of the caramels onto a single pair of G'(ω), G''(ω) master curves using time-composition superposition (tCS) over 12 decades of frequency, which constrains the molecular mechanisms for structure formation. Expand
Towards a multi-criteria framework for stereotomy - Workflows for subtractive fabrication in complex geometries
Empirical research into the fabrication of complex and custom-designed geometries by means of robotic subtractive cutting is discussed, with a specific focus on modular elements and joint typologies that form an essential condition for self-supporting stone structures. Expand
Design and Fabrication of a ruled surface vault with the Exquisite Corpse
This paper describes the adaptation of the Exquisite Corpse to the design of a vault, cut using only ruled surfaces. The Surrealist process of the Exquisite Corpse, where a group of artists workExpand
Rheology of caramel
The Ontographic Turn: From Cubism to the Surrealist Object
Abstract The practice of Ontography deployed by OOO, clarified and expanded in this essay, produces a highly productive framework for analyzing Salvador Dalí’s ontological project between 1928 andExpand
Simulating Self Supporting Structures A Comparison study of Interlocking Wave Jointed Geometry using Finite Element and Physical ModellingMethods
Self-supporting modular block systems of stone or masonry architecture are amongst ancient building techniques that survived unchanged for centuries. The control over geometry and structuralExpand
Living and Nonliving Occasionalism
Abstract Graham Harman’s Object-Oriented Ontology has employed a variant of occasionalist causation since 2002, with sensual objects acting as the mediators of causation between real objects. WhileExpand
On the origin of the architect: Architects and xenía in the ancient Greek theatre
Ubiquitous in ancient Greek culture, the ethical principle of xenia may broadly translate as hospitality to strangers, doing so through taking interpersonal, political, and architectural form. SinceExpand