Simon W. W. Manley

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The biogenesis of follicles from aggregates of precursor cells is an important morphogenetic process in thyroid embryology. It necessitates the creation of a polarized cell phenotype, assembly of specialized cell-cell junctions, and generation of follicular lumena. In this study we sought to investigate the relationship between cell polarization and lumen(More)
Cultured human choriocarcinoma cells of the BeWo line exhibited saturable accumulation of radioiodide. Inhibition by competing anions followed the affinity series perchlorate >> iodide > or = thiocyanate, consistent with uptake through the thyroid iodide transporter, NIS, whose messenger RNA was found in BeWo cells, and whose protein was distributed towards(More)
In this study, we examined the contribution of microtubules to epithelial morphogenesis in primary thyroid cell cultures. Thyroid follicles consist of a single layer of polarized epithelial cells surrounding a closed compartment, the follicular lumen. Freshly isolated porcine thyroid cells aggregate and reorganize to form follicles when grown in primary(More)
1. The effects of adenosine 5'-triphosphate (ATP), uridine 5'-triphosphate (UTP) and analogues on forskolin-stimulated absorption of Na+ by porcine thyroid epithelial cells were analysed in cultures grown as confluent monolayers on permeable supports in Transwell Ussing chambers. 2. 85% of the forskolin (10 microM)-stimulated short-circuit current was(More)
Vectorial transport in the thyroid epithelium requires an efficient barrier against passive paracellular flux, a role which is principally performed by the tight junction (zonula occludens). There is increasing evidence that tight junction integrity is determined by integral and peripheral membrane proteins which interact with the cell cytoskeleton.(More)
Binding of 125I-labelled bovine TSH to crude membrane fractions of human thyroid tissue was a saturable, hormonally specific process which yielded non-linear Scatchard plots with limiting affinities of approximately 10(9) and 10(7) l/mol. Binding activity in membranes was soluble in Triton X-100, was inhibited specifically by immunoglobulins from patients(More)
The follicular histoarchitecture of the thyroid forms the anatomical basis for thyroid physiology and is commonly disturbed in diseases of the thyroid. We have used cultured porcine thyroid cells to study thyroid epithelial morphogenesis and its regulation. When cultured in the presence of TSH, freshly isolated thyroid cells reorganize to form follicles(More)
Extracts from rat and bovine spinal cord were found to have 300-1000 times more cutaneous oedema-inducing activity than could be attributed to their substance P-like activity estimated by assay on guinea-pig ileum. The activity on both assay systems was reduced in cord extracts from rats pretreated as neonates with capsaicin. Results of assays of fractions(More)
The role of inhibition of Na+/Ca2+ exchange in the positive inotropic, negative chronotropic and vasorelaxant responses to amiloride and some of its analogues was investigated in isolated cardiovascular tissues from female Wistar rats. The compounds tested were amiloride, 5-(N-ethyl-N-isopropyl)amiloride (EIPA, a potent inhibitor of Na+/H+ exchange),(More)