Simon Turner

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All plant tissue is ultimately derived from the meristems, and the molecular mechanisms that control growth of apical meristems have been widely studied (reviewed in). In contrast, much less attention has been paid to vascular meristems, such as the cambium and procambium, even though these meristems are the source of woody tissue and therefore generate the(More)
By screening a T-DNA population of Arabidopsis mutants for alterations in inflorescence stem vasculature, we have isolated a mutant with a dramatic increase in vascular tissue development, characterized by a continuous ring of xylem/phloem. This phenotype is the consequence of premature and numerous cambial cell divisions in both the fascicular and(More)
Preface From the nucleus to the apoplast: building the plant's cell wall The plant cell wall has a crucial role in any aspect of a plant's life cycle and, as a result, cell wall research touches all aspects of plant biology (Keegstra, 2010). New and exciting work on cell wall research is constantly being published that has refined and sometimes even(More)
Subduction modifies the cycling of Earth's volatile elements. Fluid-rich sediments and hydrated oceanic lithosphere enter the convecting mantle at subduction zones. Some of the sediments and volatile components are released from the subducting slab, promote mantle melting and are returned to the surface by volcanism. The remainder continue into the deeper(More)
OBJECTIVES Our aim was to identify the factors influencing the selection of a model of acute stroke service centralization to create fewer high-volume specialist units in two metropolitan areas of England (London and Greater Manchester). It considers the reasons why services were more fully centralized in London than in Greater Manchester. METHODS In both(More)
BACKGROUND A range of evidence informs healthcare decision-making, from formal research findings to 'soft intelligence' or local data, as well as practical experience or tacit knowledge. However, cultural and organisational factors often prevent the translation of such evidence into practice. Using a multi-level framework, this project will analyse how(More)
Lignocellulosic biomass is an important renewable resource for biofuels and materials. How plants synthesise cellulose is not completely understood. It is known that cellulose synthase complex (CSCs) moving in the plasma membrane synthesise the cellulose. CESA proteins are the core components of CSC. In Arabidopsis, in vitro mutagenesis of proteins followed(More)
We present radiometric data from nine lakes across the Tibetan Plateau, and compare their reliability in relation to recent research. Unsupported 210Pb profiles show, except for one particular lake, non-exponential decline of 210Pb activity with sediment depth. Stratigraphic dates based on global atmospheric nuclear weapons maximum fallout of 137Cs (1963)(More)
BACKGROUND Application rates to surgical residencies have shown a downward trend recently. Introducing students to surgeons early in medical school can increase interest in surgery as a career and enhance the instruction of important surgical topics. Directors of undergraduate medical education have unique insight and influence regarding the participation(More)