Simon Toupance

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Elastin-rich lung extracellular matrix is largely remodeled during tumor invasion. Elastin degradation produces peptides displaying a wide range of biological activities. These elastin derived peptides (EP) interact with the elastin receptor complex (ERC) but also bind to αVβ3 integrin and galectin-3. In this study, we explored the role of EP and their(More)
Individuals with metabolic syndrome (MetS) are prone to develop heart failure (HF). However, the deleterious effects of MetS on the continuum of events leading to cardiac remodeling and subsequently to HF are not fully understood. This study characterized simultaneously MetS and cardiac, vascular and renal phenotypes in aging Spontaneously Hypertensive(More)
Short telomeres are associated with atherosclerosis. However, the temporal relationship between atherosclerosis and telomere length is unclear. The objective of this work was to examine the temporal formation and progression of carotid atherosclerotic plaques in relation to telomere dynamics. In a longitudinal study, comprising 154 French men and women(More)
A number of studies have shown that leucocyte telomere length (LTL) is inversely associated with insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes mellitus. The aim of the present longitudinal cohort study, utilising a twin design, was to assess whether shorter LTL predicts insulin resistance or is a consequence thereof. Participants were recruited between 1997 and(More)
Rationale:  Short telomere length (TL) in leukocytes is associated with atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD). It is unknown whether this relationship stems from having inherently short leukocyte TL (LTL) at birth and/or a faster LTL attrition thereafter. LTL represents TL in the highly proliferative hematopoietic system, while TL in skeletal(More)
OBJECTIVE Short leukocyte telomere length (LTL) is associated with atherosclerosis in adults and diminished survival in the elderly. The prevailing view is that LTL is associated with accelerated aging since it serves as a biomarker of the cumulative burden of inflammation and oxidative stress during adult life. However LTL dynamics are mainly defined by(More)
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