Simon Tiziani

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Fractures of the pelvic ring including disruption of the posterior elements in high-energy trauma have both high morbidity and mortality rates. For some injury pattern part of the initial resuscitation includes either external fixation or plate fixation to close the pelvic ring and decrease blood loss. In certain situations – especially when associated with(More)
BACKGROUND Although useful in the emergency treatment of pelvic ring injuries, external fixation is associated with pin tract infections, the patient's limited mobility and a restricted surgical accessibility to the lower abdomen. In this study, the mechanical stability of a subcutaneous internal anterior fixation (SIAF) system is investigated. METHODS A(More)
BACKGROUND Pelvic incidence (PI) has been linked to several degenerative processes within the spinopelvic system. Acetabular retroversion is a recognised risk factor for osteoarthritis of the hip. We therefore hypothesised that these two factors might be part of a specific anatomical variant associated with degenerative changes. This study was performed to(More)
This study investigates the biomechanical stability of a novel technique for symphyseal internal rod fixation (SYMFIX) using a multiaxial spinal screw-rod implant that allows for direct reduction and can be performed percutaneously and compares it to standard internal plate fixation of the symphysis. Standard plate fixation (PLATE, n = 6) and the SYMFIX (n(More)
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