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Users find comparing long meaningless strings of alphanumeric characters difficult, yet they have to carry out this task when comparing cryptographic hash values for https certificates and PGP keys, or in the context of electronic voting. Visual hashes where users compare images rather than strings have been proposed as an alternative. With the visual(More)
Phishing attacks still pose a significant problem and purely technical solutions cannot solve this problem. While research literature in general shows that educating users in security is hard, the Anti-Phishing Landing Page proposed by CMU researchers seems promising as it appears in the most teachable moment -- namely once someone clicked on a link and was(More)
Phishing has evolved to a serious cause of risk in our daily contact with the World Wide Web. Therefore, different extensions and plugins for web browsers were developed to detect phishing websites. To furthermore minimize the risk of falling for a phishing attack, the users themselves have to be educated. Therefore, the online game “NoPhish” has been(More)
Advances in information technology have simplified many processes in our lives. However, in many cases trust issues arise when new technology is introduced, and voting is one prominent example. To increase voters’ trust, current e-voting systems provide paper audit trails (PATs) which enable automatic tally and/or manual audit of the election result. PATs(More)
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