Simon Stobart

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This paper describes an automated approach to generating test cases for an object-oriented class. The approach is derived from state-based testing methods and refers to a state machine from which a threaded multi-way tree (duplicating the behaviour of the state machine) is produced. All possible sequential test cases can then be automatically created, when(More)
At the class testing level, state-based testing and data flow testing techniques have been employed. However, while the former only involves the variables that have an effect on the behaviour of the object under test, it is possible for errors to occur in variables, which do not define an object's state. Data flow testing has been applied to generate test(More)
The activity of testing begins during system development and spans all subsequent phases. Some system development life cycles describe testing which is performed after the coding phase, but this may cause the software to be delivered without sufficiently testing. In this paper, we present a software system development life cycle model, called the Test(More)
Extensive test data is required to demonstrate that " few " errors exist in software. If the process of software testing could be carried out automatically, testing efficiency would increase and the cost of software development would be significantly reduced. In this paper, a tool for detecting errors in object oriented classes is proposed. The approach(More)
Most Internet search engines are built on a centralised design, and will therefore not cope with the expected future growth in information and query volume. A distributed approach to Internet resource discovery seems necessary. Many distributed designs have been proposed , but their scaleability is largely unknown. We propose a distributed design based on(More)
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