Simon Stern

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AIMS To examine the expression of HLA-DR and beta 2 microglobulin in medullary carcinoma and atypical medullary carcinoma of the breast to determine if the effective presentation of tumour antigens to the immune system can differentiate between these two histopathologically similar entities. METHODS Expression of HLA-DR and beta 2 microglobulin was(More)
This study investigated bone marrow plasma cell subsets and monoclonal free light chain concentrations in blood of monoclonal gammopathy patients. 54 bone marrow samples were stained by double immunofluorescence to enumerate cellular subsets making either intact monoclonal immunoglobulin or free light chains only. Blood taken at the same time was assayed(More)
Bastuji-Garin, S., Fouchard, N., Bertocchi, M., Roujeau, J.C., Revuz, J. & Wolkenstein, P. (2000) SCORTEN: a severity-of-illness score for toxic epidermal necrolysis. The Journal of Investigative Dermatology, 115, 149–153. Ca~ namares Orbis, I., Garc!ıa Mu~ noz, C., Cortijo Cascajares, S. & M!endez Esteban, M.E. (2012) Desensitization to lenalidomide.(More)
Intestinal microbial functions reflect cross-talk between a host and its flora, and external factors may influence these functions. The aim of this investigation was to follow the development of six biochemical microbial-related functions of piglets, raised outdoors (OPs) or indoors (IPs), from birth to slaughter age. The following parameters(More)
We describe a 69-year-old woman who presented with purpura on the legs. Examination of a blood film revealed a homogenous population of abnormal lymphoid cells with villous projections. The immunophenotype was consistent with a diagnosis of splenic lymphoma with villous lymphocytes (SLVL). A type II (IgM-IgG) cryoglobulin was detected in the serum. Renal(More)
The influence of zinc bacitracin (ZB) and of Bacillus licheniformis on host microbial-related functions in young piglets was investigated by applying the concept of microflora-associated characteristics. Six biochemical parameters were determined before and after weaning in faecal samples from piglets in four litters having access to a diet containing ZB,(More)