Simon Spicer

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The experience at this university between 1954 and 1978 included 96 granular cell myoblastomas in 67 patients. The unusual locations of the tumors were the breast, bronchus, vocal cord, stomach and rectus sheath. An extremely rare invasive squamous carcinoma developed from a lesion of the larynx with pseudoepitheliomatous hyperplasia of the overlying(More)
The effects of rapid brushing on the maximum voluntary contraction (MVC) and tonic vibratory reflex (TVR) of various muscles requiring facilitation (quadriceps, biceps femoris and tibialis anterior) were studied in two samples of hemiplegics. Brushing was studied under experimental and placebo conditions. In the first experiment, brushing produced(More)
The study of TVR facilitation with cutaneous icing and brushing by Spicer and Matyas (1980) was replicated in 12 hemiplegics with paretic quadriceps femoris muscles. Icing and brushing were studied under experimental and placebo conditions. Facilitation of the TVR from quadriceps femoris was examined during stimulation and 45-60 sec after the end of(More)
It is generally agreed that normal spinal fluid is entirely devoid of complement, but the reports of its presence in the spinal fluid in cerebrospinal diseases are contradictory. Complement was found in the spinal fluid of all cases of meningococcus meningitis by Ward and Fothergill (1), but was reported to be absent in the same diseases by others (24).(More)
In a previous article (Spicer, 1933) I reported the results of a study concerning variation of seven strains of hemolytic streptococci from scarlet fever and erysipelas. This study embraced the morphological, cultural and some serological phases in the dissociative processes both spontaneous and induced. The strains were type strains representative of four(More)
Serre in the 1970s was the first to formalize such a question on the way to constructing p-adic L-functions, by way of developing the notion of a p-adic modular form to be the p-adic limit of some compatible family of q-expansions of classical modular forms. Katz came along fairly soon afterwards and generalized the theory to a much more geometric context,(More)