Simon Speich

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Users often enter a local expression to constrain a web search to ageographical place. Current search engines’ capability to deal with expressionssuch as “close to” is, however, limited. This paper presents an approach thatuses topological background knowledge to rewrite queries containing localexpressions in a format better suited to standard search(More)
Many countries conduct national forest inventories and collect data from different sources such as field sample plots or aerial imagery. The sustainable management of this data requires appropriate systems for the storage and dissemination of this data to a variety of stakeholders. The Swiss national forest inventory started with surveys in 1982 and(More)
BACKGROUND Clinical evidence and epidemiological research show an increasing number of subjects trying to become lean and reaching consequently harmful weight conditions. Aim of this paper is to assess the risk for eating disorders during adolescence. METHODS In a multicentric study high school students of 5 different districts of Northern Italy have been(More)
Assuming that adolescence--a high risk age as far as this behavior is concerned--is the crucial stage for prevention procedures, we don't know much about Italian adolescents' tobacco related behaviors, regardless of the fact that tobacco smoking is one of the most relevant problems of Public Health. The goal of this research has been assessing, through a(More)
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