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Processing of licensed content with automatic compliance checking of the license terms is currently not supported in Grid environments. However, applications processing large amounts of data is a topic recently gaining more and more attention. The use of high performance computing capabilities, e.g., provided by Grid environments, is an obvious choice to(More)
Ein Effekt der Transformation zu Industrie 4.0 ist ein stetiger Anstieg der Komplexität sowohl in der Bedienung sowie Instandhaltung von Anlagen als auch in der Steuerung der Produktionsabläufe. Der gleichzeitig einhergehende sukzessive Rückgang von Produktionsmitarbeitern bei simultaner Zunahme der Komplexität der Arbeitsprozesse lässt den(More)
Dr.-Ing. Johannes Schmitt hat 2004 sein Diplom in Informatik an der TU Darmstadt erhalten. Seit 2005 arbeitet er dort als wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am Fachgebiet Multimedia Kommunikation. Der Fokus seiner Arbeiten und seiner Dissertation liegt auf der Erkennung relevanter Sensoren, sowie der semantischen Anreicherung der gesammelten Informationen und(More)
The Activity Recommendation App supports employees in individual and collaborative reflection by capturing discussions and solutions for problems that need to be solved. The app enables employees to record personal experiences with the solutions. Based on these experiences the usefulness of a recommendation can be re-evaluated in order to approve, update,(More)
In the area of Business Process Management (BPM), current tools for executing processes strongly focus on the handling of process instances and miss to create a user-centric environment to handle the tasks accruing due process execution. With the PROWIT Process Collaboration Service an integrated platform is created, which includes both process and user(More)
The transformation towards Smart Manufacturing results in machines that are increasingly complex to use and to maintain, as well as in ever-complicated production processes. Coupled with a continuing reduction of staff, this leads to an increasing demand for information needs and work expertise. At the same time, these challenges offer the opportunity to(More)
This paper develops a (constructive) critique of the potential of ambient intelligence technologies in emergency response. We explore some difficulties in, and successful practices of, inter-agency collaboration in emergency response, revealed in ethnographic field studies and collaborative design workshops with first responders undertaken in the frame of(More)
Im Projekt APPsist wird eine Architektur für Assistenzund Wissensdienste zur Unterstützung der Beschäftigten in der Industrie 4.0 entwickelt, bestehend aus Basisdiensten und intelligent-adaptiven Diensten, die angepasst an den Kontext und den Benutzer die Unterstützung realisieren. Das Projekt befindet sich nahe dem Ende der Laufzeit, und dieser Beitrag(More)
In complex fields of knowledge, working in unmoderated small groups is a common approach for creating knowledge out of given information. Taking a look at the portfolio of learning environments, only a few systems provide the necessary functionality for synchronous collaboration. In most of them, synchronicity is reduced to communication. The aim of this(More)
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