Simon Schoeberl

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Photoreceptor ribbon synapses release glutamate in response to graded changes in membrane potential evoked by vast, logarithmically scalable light intensities. Neurotransmitter release is modulated by intracellular calcium levels. Large Ca(2+)-dependent chloride currents are important regulators of synaptic transmission from photoreceptors to second-order(More)
BACKGROUND In the last time the alcohol consumption among children and adolescents is a big theme in all kind of media. The ethanol consumption among children and adolescents has risen during the last years, but also new hazardous drinking patterns like "binge-drinking" are increasing. These drinking episodes are responsible for many hospital presentations(More)
PURPOSE In this study, we developed a self-assembling micellar system to deliver cyclosporine A (CsA) in an aqueous solution to the cornea. METHODS Two nonionic surfactants of the poly(ethylene glycol)-fatty alcohol ether type (Sympatens AS and Sympatens ACS) were characterized in terms of micelle size, shape, and charge, and their encapsulation(More)
With about 50-60 million cases in the US alone, dry eye disease represents a severe health care problem. Cyclosporin A (CsA) would be a potent candidate for a causal therapy. However, CsA is not sufficiently water soluble to be administrated via simple eye drops. We developed an in situ nanosuspension (INS) as a novel approach towards the administration of(More)
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