Simon S-M Fung

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The majority of Na+ channels in the heart are composed of the tetrodotoxin (TTX)-resistant (KD, 2-6 microm) Nav1.5 isoform; however, recently it has been shown that TTX-sensitive (KD, 1-10 nm) neuronal Na+ channel isoforms (Nav1.1, Nav1.3 and Nav1.6) are also present and functionally important in the myocytes of the ventricles and the sinoatrial (SA) node.(More)
We have examined sino-atrial node (SAN) function in hearts from adult mice with heterozygous targeted disruption of the Scn5a gene to clarify the role of Scn5a-encoded cardiac Na+ channels in normal SAN function and the mechanism(s) by which reduced Na+ channel function might cause sinus node dysfunction. Scn5a+/- mice showed depressed heart rates and(More)
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