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Microenvironment and activation signals likely imprint heterogeneity in the lymphatic endothelial cell (LEC) population. Particularly LECs of secondary lymphoid organs are exposed to different cell types and immune stimuli. However, our understanding of the nature of LEC activation signals and their cell source within the secondary lymphoid organ in the(More)
This study aimed at comparing the perception and production of English front vowels by 17 proficient Brazilian speakers of English as a second language (L2) and 6 native speakers of American English. Towards this end, three experiments were carried out: (i) a production test measuring the first two formants of the participants' English front vowels, (ii) an(More)
In 1983 the Greek Ministry of Health, in presenting the new mental health law, described the state of the mental health system in the country as follows: "it is generally recognised that the psychiatric services in Greece are totally inadequate. The treatment inflicted on patients is often approaching the negation of the fundamental notions of human(More)
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