Simon R Gibbon

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The long-term failure of seemingly intact corrosion resistant organic coatings is thought to occur via the development of ionic transport channels, which spontaneously evolve from hydrophilic regions on immersion, i.e., as a result of localized water uptake. To this end, we investigate water uptake characteristics for industrial epoxy-phenolic can coatings(More)
The first direct observation of a chemically heterogeneous nanostructure within an epoxy resin is reported. Epoxy resins comprise the matrix component of many high performance composites, coatings and adhesives, yet the molecular network structure that underpins the performance of these industrially essential materials is not well understood. Internal(More)
Angus Cook, Gerald Frankel, Alison Davenport, Trevor Hughes, Simon Gibbon, David Williams, Hendrik Bluhm, Vincent Maurice, Stephen Lyth, Philippe Marcus, David Shoesmith, Clara Wren, Julian Wharton, Gregory Hunt, Stuart Lyon, Tom Majchrowski, Rob Lindsay, Geraint Williams, Beatriz Rico Oller, Mira Todorova, Sonja Nixon, Su-Ting Cheng, John Scully, Ann(More)
An experimental protocol (workflow) has been developed for time-lapse x-ray nanotomography (nano-CT) imaging of environmentally driven morphological changes to materials. Two case studies are presented. First, the leaching of nanoparticle corrosion inhibitor pigment from a polymer coating was followed over 14 days, while in the second case the corrosion(More)
Gerald Frankel, Geoffrey Thornton, Steven Street, Trevor Rayment, David Williams, Angus Cook, Alison Davenport, Simon Gibbon, Dirk Engelberg, Cem Örnek, Arjan Mol, Philippe Marcus, David Shoesmith, Clara Wren, Kirsi Yliniemi, Geraint Williams, Stuart Lyon, Rob Lindsay, Trevor Hughes, Johannes Lützenkirchen, Su-Ting Cheng, John Scully, Siaw Foon Lee, Roger(More)
Gerald Frankel, Janine Mauzeroll, Geoffrey Thornton, Hendrik Bluhm, Jonathan Morrison, Vincent Maurice, Trevor Rayment, David Williams, Angus Cook, Gaurav Joshi, Alison Davenport, Simon Gibbon, Denis Kramer, Matthew Acres, Markus Tautschnig, Hiroki Habazaki, Philippe Marcus, David Shoesmith, Clara Wren, Tom Majchrowski, Rob Lindsay, Mary Wood, Mira(More)
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