Simon Pietro Romano

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In this paper, we face the challenging issue of defining and implementing an effective law for load balancing in Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). We base our proposal on a formal study of a CDN system, carried out through the exploitation of a fluid flow model characterization of the network of servers. Starting from such characterization, we derive and(More)
—The continuous growth of wireless networks calls for more and more sophisticated solutions for their security. In particular, mechanisms for limiting effects of routing protocol attacks are becoming a mandatory requirement: black-hole and gray-hole attacks can in fact seriously compromise the performance of a critical infrastructure like a Wireless Mesh(More)
Keywords: Trustworthiness Network security Autonomic communication Information fusion Dempster Shafer theory a b s t r a c t Several research efforts have recently focused on achieving distributed anomaly detection in an effective way. As a result, new information fusion algorithms and models have been defined and applied in order to correlate information(More)