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Volumetric mass-transfer coefficients (kLa(w), KLa(w), kGa(w), kGa(w)) required for randomly dumped packed tower design were gathered from the literature to generate a working database comprehending 2675 measurements relevant to water and air pollution abatement processes. The cross-examination of two important correlations predicting mass-transfer(More)
The role of dissolved oxygen (DO2) on the oxidation of hydrosulfide ions (HS-; C(HS-)0 = 50-150 micromol/L) into polysulfides (S(n)2-; n = 2-9), colloidal sulfur, and oxysulfur species with iron(III) trans-1,2-diaminocyclohexanetetraacetate (iron(III)-cdta; C(Fe(III)0 = 50-300 micromol/L) complexes in alkaline solutions (pH 9-10.2) was investigated at 25(More)
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