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Sera from 11/30 patients with juvenile-onset-type diabetes (JOD) had cytotoxic effects on isolated pancreatic islets from hamsters when guinea pig complement was present. The cytotoxic activity could be readily eliminated by heating the guinea pig complement at 56 degrees C for 30 min, thus demonstrating a complement-dependent process. Complement-dependent(More)
The influence of different levels of inhibition of prostaglandin (PG) synthesis on the release of insulin and glucagon was investigated in the basal state (5.6 mM glucose) and in response to 30-min perfusion of 16.7 mM glucose using the isolated perfused rat pancreas model. Flurbiprofen (FLR), a potent and selective inhibitor of PG synthesis, was present in(More)
The secretion of both glucagon and insulin by the isolated perfused rat pancreas was significantly stimulated by 10(-7) M PGH2. Experiments to show that the stimulated secretion was mediated by conversion of PGH2 to TXA2 or TXB2 revealed no correlation between the amount of secretion and the amount of thromboxane formed. Conversion of PGH2 with a crude(More)
Spontaneous fasting hypoglycemia developed in four nondiabetic patients with end-stage renal failure. All were undergoing long-term maintenance hemodialysis and three patients were anephric. Hypoglycemia was generally accompanied by severe metabolic acidosis and, in three patients, lactic acidemia. Abnormalities of hepatic structure and/or function were(More)