Simon Parsons

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When I started out as a newly hatched PhD student, back in the day, one of the first articles I read and understood (or at least thought that I understood) was Ray Reiter’s classic article on default logic (Reiter, 1980). This was some years after the famous ‘non-monotonic logic’ issue of Artificial Intelligence in which that article appeared, but default(More)
The need for negotiation in multi agent systems stems from the requirement for agents to solve the problems posed by their interdependence upon one an other Negotiation provides a solution to these problems by giving the agents the means to resolve their con icting objectives correct inconsistencies in their knowledge of other agents world views and(More)
The growth of academic fields is an interesting process. It seems to me that most of them follow a similar pattern, at least up to a certain point. They start when a small group of people begin working on a problem, or a set of ideas, that are distinct from those in the mainstream. This group starts meeting to discuss their concern, and this meeting grows(More)
Many autonomous agents operate in domains in which the cooperation of their fellow agents cannot be guaranteed. In such domains negotiation is essential to persuade others of the value of co-operation. This paper describes a general framework for negotiation in which agents exchange proposals backed by arguments which summarise the reasons why the proposals(More)