Simon Parker

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The purpose of this study was to verify the performance of recently developed body-worn sensor packs against 3D motion analysis of trunk and lower-limb movements. Five sensor packs, each consisting of rate gyroscope and two 2-D accelerometers controlled by a microprocessor were attached to the trunk, thighs, and shanks of an able bodied subject. A 6-camera(More)
Auditory icons – or environmental sounds – have the potential to convey information by non-verbal means quickly and accurately. In addition, human listeners are quick to determine many qualities of an auditory object, such as location, distance, size, and motion, from acoustics of the signal. An experiment tests these two coupled assumptions in a controlled(More)
The first contribution of this paper is a model of entrepreneurial learning in which both optimistic bias and uncertainty diminish with experience. The shape of the business failure distribution, by experience, is explained by the relative effects of learning on optimism and uncertainty respectively. The second contribution is an empirical analysis using(More)
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