Simon Parker

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Hurst and Lusardi (2004) recently challenged the long-standing belief that liquidity constraints are important causal determinants of entry into self-employment. They demonstrate that the oft-cited positive relationship between entry rates and assets is actually unchanging as assets increase from the 1st to the 95th percentile of the asset distribution, but(More)
The purpose of this study was to verify the performance of recently developed body-worn sensor packs against 3D motion analysis of trunk and lower-limb movements. Five sensor packs, each consisting of rate gyroscope and two 2-D accelerometers controlled by a microprocessor were attached to the trunk, thighs, and shanks of an able bodied subject. A 6-camera(More)
Auditory icons – or environmental sounds – have the potential to convey information by non-verbal means quickly and accurately. In addition, human listeners are quick to determine many qualities of an auditory object, such as location, distance, size, and motion, from acoustics of the signal. An experiment tests these two coupled assumptions in a controlled(More)
Introduction. Ground-level falls are typically regarded as a minor mechanism of injury that do not necessitate trauma team activation; however, they represent a significant proportion of hospitalised trauma and can result in multisystem injury. Case Presentation. A 79-year-old nursing home resident was brought to the emergency department following an(More)
Our aim is to develop a safe and reliable closed-loop sensing system for the implanted FES system (‘Praxis24’, Neopraxis Pty. Ltd., Sydney, Australia), which will be light weight and easy to don/doff. Open-loop FES standing has typically been achieved for 10-20 minutes. This system will be used by paraplegic individuals for prolonged standing (20 minutes(More)
The Dynamics of Entrepreneurship: Hysteresis, Business Cycles and Government Policy This paper estimates an unobserved components model to explore the macro dynamics of entrepreneurship in Spain and the US. We ask whether entrepreneurship exhibits hysteresis, defined as a macro dynamic structure in which cyclical fluctuations have persistent effects on the(More)
Our aim is to develop a safe multi-functional, closed-loop controlled implantable FES system for paraplegic individuals to enhance quality of life by allowing prolonged standing, mobility, exercise, bladder voiding and pressure relief. In 1991, a FES 22-channel stimulator (Nucleus FES-22, Cochlear Ltd., Lane Cove, N.S.W., Australia) was implanted in a(More)
The Integrated Task Modeling Environment (ITME) is a user-friendly software tool that has been developed to automatically recode low-level data into an empirical record of meaningful task performance. The present research investigated and validated the performance of the ITME software package by conducting complex simulation missions and comparing the task(More)