Simon P. Mackay

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IMPORTANCE TO THE FIELD Natural products are the most consistently successful source of drug leads, both historically and currently. Despite this, the use of natural products in industrial drug discovery has fallen out of favour. Natural products are likely to continue to be sources of new commercially viable drug leads because the chemical novelty(More)
Reconstituted collagen hydrogels are often used for in vitro studies of cell-matrix interaction and as scaffolds for tissue engineering. Understanding the mechanical and transport behaviours of collagen hydrogels is therefore extremely important, albeit difficult due to their very high water content (typically >99.5%). In the present study the mechanical(More)
Analogues of the antimalarial alkaloid nitidine have been prepared with high potency against both chloroquine-sensitive and -resistant strains of Plasmodium falciparum in vitro. Simple modifications, using an established synthetic route, resulted in an analogue with IC(50) below 5ng/mL against a chloroquine-sensitive strain of P. falciparum.(More)
The transcription factors NF-κB and IFN control important signaling cascades and mediate the expression of a number of important pro-inflammatory cytokines, adhesion molecules, growth factors and anti-apoptotic survival proteins. IκB kinase (IKK) and IKK-related kinases (IKKε and TBK1) are key regulators of these biological pathways and, as such, modulators(More)
H11 is the first antibody reported to have dual activity as a non-concerted, Diels-Alderase and hydrolytic catalyst. It was previously shown to catalyse the cycloaddition of acetoxybutadiene 1a to N-alkyl maleimides 2 to afford hydroxy-substituted bicyclic adducts 3 with a 30% ee of a major isomer. To better understand this mechanism and the partial(More)
Objective. To evaluate polypropylenimine dendrimers (generations 1-5: DAB 4, DAB 8, DAB 16, DAB 32, and DAB 64) as gene delivery systems. Methods. DNA binding was evaluated by measuring the reduced fluorescence of ethidium bromide, and molecular modelling of dendrimer-DNA complexes also was performed. Cell cytotoxicity was evaluated against the A431 cell(More)
Three novel flavonols, myricetin-3'-O-(6"-p-coumaroyl)glucoside and two epimeric macrocyclic derivatives, as well as the known myricetin-3-O-rhamnoside and pentagalloyl glucose, have been isolated from the wild water lily Nymphaea lotus L. and identified using 2D NMR. This is the first report of such a macrocycle from any source.
The design, synthesis, and evaluation of the potency of new isoform-selective inhibitors of sphingosine kinases 1 and 2 (SK1 and SK2), the enzyme that catalyzes the phosphorylation of d-erythro-sphingosine to produce the key signaling lipid, sphingosine 1-phosphate, are described. Recently, we reported that 1-(4-octylphenethyl)piperidin-4-ol (RB-005) is a(More)
Resveratrol, a natural compound endowed with multiple health-promoting effects, has received much attention given its potential for the treatment of cardiovascular, inflammatory, neurodegenerative, metabolic and age-related diseases. However, the translational potential of resveratrol has been limited by its specificity, poor bioavailability and uncertain(More)