Simon P. Kanaan

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One goal of contemporary proteome research is the elucidation of cellular protein interactions. Based on currently available protein-protein interaction and domain data, we introduce a novel method, Maximum Specificity Set Cover (MSSC), for the prediction of protein-protein interactions. In our approach, we map the relationship between interactions of(More)
The effect of systemic zinc administration on the inflammatory hyperalgesia induced by intraplantar injections of either complete Freund's adjuvant (CFA) or bacterial endotoxin/lipopolysaccharide (LPS) in a hindpaw of adult rats was investigated. CFA injection resulted in mechanical and thermal hyperalgesia and an elevation in the levels of interleukin-1(More)
Context. Classical Be stars are hot non-supergiant stars surrounded by a gaseous circumstellar disk that is responsible for the observed IR-excess and emission lines. The influence of binarity on these phenomena remains controversial. Aims. δ Sco is a binary system whose primary suddenly began to exhibit the Be phenomenon at the last periastron in 2000. We(More)
Context. As is the case of several other Be stars, Achernar is surrounded by an envelope, recently detected by near-IR interferometry. Aims. We search for the signature of circumstellar emission at distances of a few stellar radii from Achernar, in the thermal IR domain. Methods. We obtained interferometric observations on three VLTI baselines in the N band(More)
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