Simon P Hastings

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OBJECTIVE The endogenous cannabinoid (or endocannabinoid) system (ECS) is part of a central neuromodulatory system thought to play a key role in the regulation of feeding behavior and energy balance. However, increasing evidence suggests that modulation of the ECS may also act to regulate peripheral mechanisms involved in these processes, including(More)
We present NMR signals from a strongly coupled homonuclear spin system, (1)H nuclei in adamantane, acquired with simultaneous two-photon excitation under conditions of the Lee-Goldburg experiment. Small coils, having inside diameters of 0.36 mm, are used to achieve two-photon nutation frequencies of approximately 20 kHz. The very large rf field strengths(More)
A new process model is proposed that illustrates how to apply financial modelling throughout acquisition deals. The research assessed the ability of an existing general decision making model to explain the tasks undertaken in four acquisition deals. The research then mapped the financial modelling used in those acquisition deals against the general model.(More)
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