Simon P. Hammond

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The global shift in demographics towards aging populations is leading to a commensurate increase in age-related disease and frailty. It is essential to optimise health services to meet current needs and prepare for anticipated future demands. This paper explores issues impacting on people living with cognitive impairment and/or dementia who experience a hip(More)
BACKGROUND Health and social care provision for an ageing population is a global priority. Provision for those with dementia and hip fracture has specific and growing importance. Older people who break their hip are recognised as exceptionally vulnerable to experiencing confusion (including but not exclusively, dementia and/or delirium and/or cognitive(More)
Neo-Darwinian evolution is an established natural inspiration for computational optimisation with a diverse range of forms. A particular feature of models such as Genetic Algorithms (GA) [18, 12] is the incremental combination of partial solutions distributed within a population of solutions. This mechanism in principle allows certain problems to be solved(More)
The concluding statement of the Burns Commission, established to evaluate whether changes are needed to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), ruled no major legislative changes were required. As such Freedom of Information (FOI) legislation still enables anyone to obtain information from public authorities. In this brief report article we explore arguments(More)
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