Simon P. Davis

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In order to develop a xenograft model to determine the efficacy of new therapies against primary human precursor-B acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) stem cells (LSCs), we used the highly immunodeficient non-obese diabetic (NOD).Cg-Prkdc(scid)IL2rg(tmlWjl)/SzJ (NOD-severe combined immune deficient (scid) IL2rg(-/-)) mouse strain. Intravenous transplantation(More)
The quantum cosmology of a higher-derivative gravity theory arising from the heterotic string effective action is reviewed. A new type of Wheeler-DeWitt equation is obtained when the dilaton is coupled to the quadratic curvature terms. Techniques for solving the Wheeler-DeWitt equation with appropriate boundary conditions shall be described, and(More)
With the standard fibre being a coset manifold, the transformation of a connection form in a fibre bundle under the action of the isometry group includes a dependence on the fibre coordinate. Elimination of the fibre coordinate from the transformation rule implies that the standard fibre is a Lie group and that the bundle is a principal bundle. The(More)