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OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to compare the prevalence and comorbidity patterns of psychiatric disorders in subjects making medically serious suicide attempts and in comparison subjects. METHOD The association between mental disorders and the risk of a suicide attempt was examined in 302 consecutive individuals who made serious suicide attempts and(More)
BACKGROUND A relation between migraine with aura and cardiac right-to-left shunts has been reported. Right-to-left shunts are also associated with stroke and certain forms of decompression illness. We investigated the effect of closure of right-to-left shunts on migraine symptoms. METHODS A consultant neurologist, who was unaware of information about(More)
AIMS To assess the visual function in epileptic patients who have received vigabatrin; to compare this with the visual function in similar epileptic patients who have never received vigabatrin; to investigate whether the severity of visual field defect (VFD) is related to the dose of vigabatrin; to consider other factors that may correlate with the severity(More)
A relationship between migraine with aura and the presence of right-to-left shunts has been reported in two studies. Right-to-left shunts are also associated with some forms of decompression illness. While conducting research in divers with decompression illness, it was our impression that divers with a large shunt often had a history of migraine with aura(More)
DNA polymerase gamma (pol gamma ) is required to maintain the genetic integrity of the 16,569-bp human mitochondrial genome (mtDNA). Mutation of the nuclear gene for the catalytic subunit of pol gamma (POLG) has been linked to a wide range of mitochondrial diseases involving mutation, deletion, and depletion of mtDNA. We describe a heterozygous dominant(More)
People with dementia or delirium have increased mortality in the 6 months after hip fracture, but depression might take longer to have an effect. We assessed the psychiatric status of 731 participants with hip fracture and analysed the effect of psychiatric illness on mortality during the next 2 years. We found that dementia, delirium, and depression all(More)
We report evidence that visual representations of space close to the body can be extended when a patient uses a tool to explore the environment. HB had severe neglect of left and far spatial regions which was determined more by how locations were visually perceived than by how they were represented tactilely or through proprioception. His ability to detect(More)
The association of multiple sclerosis (MS) with the HLA class II loci DR and DQ was investigated in populations of Asian Indian and Afro-Caribbean ethnic origin, resident in the United Kingdom. The putative haplotype, DRB1*1501.DQA1*0102.DQB1*0602, was weakly positively associated with MS in both races. The overall contribution to disease susceptibility of(More)
In six patients with episodic, severe, and disabling headaches with specific characteristics and in whom clinical examination and CT scanning were normal the symptoms were due to hindbrain herniation into the foramen magnum with resulting craniospinal pressure dissociation. This syndrome may be recognised by eliciting the typical history. In all patients(More)