Simon Neukom

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This paper presents a chip-based electrophysiological platform enabling the study of micro- and macro-circuitry in in-vitro neuronal preparations. The approach is based on a 64x64 microelectrode array device providing extracellular electrophysiological activity recordings with high spatial (21 microm of electrode separation) and temporal resolution (from(More)
A platform for high spatial and temporal resolution electrophysiological recordings of in vitro electrogenic cell cultures handling 4096 electrodes at a full frame rate of 8 kHz is presented and validated by means of cardiomyocyte cultures. Based on an active pixel sensor device implementing an array of metallic electrodes, the system provides acquisitions(More)
A platform based on an active-pixel-sensor electrode array (APS-MEA) for high-resolution imaging of in-vitro electrogenic cell cultures is presented, characterized and validated under culture conditions. The system enables full frame acquisition at 8 kHz from 4096 microelectrodes integrated with separations of 21 microm and zoomed area acquisition with(More)
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