Simon N. Kessler

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A new one-pot strategy for the synthesis of phthalazines and pyridazino-aromatics starting from aromatic aldehydes has been developed. A variety of substituents ranging from electron withdrawing to donating is tolerated furnishing the desired 1,2-diazine in good to excellent yields. The products have been applied to the bidentate Lewis acid catalyzed(More)
A domino inverse electron-demand Diels-Alder (IEDDA)/cyclopropanation reaction of diazines was discovered by applying electron-rich furans in the bidentate Lewis acid catalyzed IEDDA reaction. This process produces benzonorcaradienes in excellent yields with a low loading of a bidentate Lewis acid catalyst of 2 to 5 mol %. We demonstrate the broad(More)
A domino process consisting of an inverse and a normal electron-demand Diels-Alder reaction is presented for the formation of bridged tri- and tetracyclic 1,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphthalenes catalyzed by a bidentate Lewis acid. The products were synthesized in a one-pot reaction from commercially available starting materials and contain up to six stereogenic(More)
Presented herein is a mild, facile, and efficient iron-catalyzed synthesis of substituted allenes from propargyl carboxylates and Grignard reagents. Only 1-5 mol % of the inexpensive and environmentally benign [Fe(acac)3 ] at -20 °C was sufficient to afford a broad range of substituted allenes in excellent yields. The method tolerates a variety of(More)
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