Simon N. Fabri

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Despite much research in the field of mobile multimedia, delivery of real-time interactive video over noisy wireless channels remains a challenging problem. Two of the major issues in providing true end-to-end mobile multimedia capability are interoperability between platforms and networks and the poor performance of video compression algorithms in(More)
One of the stated aims of 3 Generation mobile communications systems is to provide enhanced multimedia services to the user. Such services will include an integration of video, high-quality audio and data services. This paper describes a real-time mobile video communications system which employs ETSI’s GPRS mobile packet system as a mobile access medium.(More)
A number of real-time multimedia services are being designed to operate over mobile end-to-end IP networks. Such services require the use of the Real Time Transport protocol (RTP) in order to provide acceptable Quality of Service at the receiver. The resulting RTP/UDP/IP headers however constitute a significant overhead, particularly at low-bitrate speech(More)
Mobile communication channels are time-varying with respect to the available throughput and error conditions. This paper presents a centralised unicast architecture for use in multi-party communications. It is proposed to use object-oriented video coding to implement video prioritisation schemes and experiments are carried out to determine the perceptual(More)
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