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The concept of a " service template " is used to specify the " topology " (or structure) and " orchestration " (or invocation of management behavior) of IT services. Typically, services are provisioned in an IT infrastructure and their management behavior must be orchestrated in accordance with constraints or policies from there on, for example in order to(More)
Colour sidedness is a dominantly inherited phenotype of cattle characterized by the polarization of pigmented sectors on the flanks, snout and ear tips. It is also referred to as 'lineback' or 'witrik' (which means white back), as colour-sided animals typically display a white band along their spine. Colour sidedness is documented at least since the Middle(More)
WS-BPEL defines a standard for executable processes. Executable processes are business processes which can be automated through an IT infrastructure. The WS-BPEL specification also introduces the concept of abstract processes: In contrast to their executable siblings, abstract processes are not executable and can have parts where business logic is(More)
Software development requires early and accurate cost estimation in order to enhance likely success. System complexity needs to be measured and then correlated with development e€ort. One of the best known approaches to such measurement-based estimation in the area of Information Systems is Function Point Analysis (FPA). Although it is reasonably well used(More)
The Business Process Execution Language for Web Services provides a powerful technology to aggregate encapsulated functionalities and define high-value Web services - backed by various development and runtime environments of major software companies. Nevertheless, modeling and composing BPEL processes is still a complicated, time and money consuming, and(More)
The Business Process Execution Language for Web Services WS-BPEL provides an technology to aggregate encapsulated functionalities for defining high-value Web services. For a distributed application in a B2B interaction, the partners simply need to expose their provided functionality as BPEL processes and compose them. Verifying such distributed web service(More)
A workflow graph represents the control flow of a business process model – Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) – UML 2 Activity Diagrams – Event-driven Process Chains (EPCs) Process bank account payment Process credit card payment x1 p1 s x2 p2 e Prepare shipment Receive order Deliver product Use case: Complete a partial workflow graph at modeling(More)
The paradigm of Cloud computing introduces new approaches to manage IT services going beyond concepts originating in traditional IT service management. The main goal is to automate the whole management of services to reduce costs and to make management tasks less error-prone. Two different service management paradigms are used in practice: configuration(More)