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This paper presents a summary of the FactSage thermochemical software and databases. FactSage was introduced in 2001 and is the fusion of the FACT-Win/F*A*C*T and ChemSage/SOLGASMIX thermochemical packages that were founded over 25 years ago. The FactSage package runs on a PC operating under Microsoft Windows ® and consists of a series of information,(More)
This tutorial gives an introduction to wireless sensor networks (WSNs) and how they can be utilised and integrated in an industrial setting. The basic principles presented will be supplemented with results from extensive laboratory tests and studies of such networks. The authors have for several years been working on evaluating wireless sensor systems,(More)
Recent advances in wireless technology have enabled the development of low-cost wireless solutions capable of robust and reliable communication within application areas such as wireless networking, wireless sensor networks, and asset tracking. For the oil & gas industry, utilizing this technology will lead to reduced operating costs and enable new(More)
Heat-induced hormesis, the beneficial effect of mild heat-induced stress, increases the average lifespan of many organisms. Yet little is known about the mechanisms underlying this effect. We used nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy to investigate the long-term effects of repeated mild heat treatments on the metabolome of male Drosophila melanogaster.(More)
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