Simon Matcham

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Dry matter increase of Agaricus bisporus mycelium in liquid culture, was found to be directly proportional to quantities of fungal derived chitin and extracellular laccase for up to 28 days following inoculation. Fungal ergosterol showed a similar relationship to mycelial growth which was sustained for 56 days of culture. In cultures grown on autoclaved rye(More)
Agaricus bisporus secretes abundant laccase activity into the medium during mycelial growth. SDS-PAGE analysis of extracellular laccase protein, purified from compost extract, showed a predominant band of 65 kDa molecular mass, together with lesser amounts of smaller polypeptides. The main polypeptide was purified electrophoretically. Amino acid sequence(More)
Recent research has identified genipin as a promising natural crosslinking agent for biocompatible hydrogels as genipin is significantly less cytotoxic than current synthetic crosslinking agents, such as glutaraldehyde. Conveniently, fluorophores can be produced when genipin crosslinks. In this study, fluorescence intensity measurements of genipin(More)
The extra-cellular laccase of the edible mushroomAgaricus bisporus was purified from non-axenic cultures of the fungus on mushroom compost. Quantities of up to 100 mg of pure enzyme were obtained from single purification runs. Purity of the enzyme protein was comparable to that previously obtained from axenic liquid culture supernatants
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