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1 Contents Acknowledgements 2 Executive Summary 3 1. Context and key questions 7 2. Cities, regions and interregional disparities 14 3. Cross-district and interregional development 38 in theory and practice 4. The Northern Way area: performance and prospects 53 5. Implications for city-regional thinking, investment 69 and governance 6. Next steps 79(More)
The increasingly complex challenges of making water management more sustainable require a critical and detailed understanding of the social organisation of water. This paper examines the hitherto neglected role that 'intermediary' organisations play in reshaping the relations between the provision and use of water and sanitation services. In response to new(More)
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We would like to thank all participants in the workshops, seminars and interviewees for their contributions to the issues formulated in this report. Also our thanks to our partners in IPP and PREST for their work and support to the network. They include David Charles, Elvira Uyarra and Jeremy Howells. We have sought to render justice to the(More)
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