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We develop an arbitrary-order primal method for diffusion problems on general polyhedral meshes. The degrees of freedom are scalar-valued polynomials of the same order at mesh elements and faces. The cornerstone of the method is a local (element-wise) discrete gradient reconstruction operator. The design of the method additionally hinges on a least-squares(More)
In this work we introduce a discrete functional space on general polygonal or polyhedral meshes which mimics two important properties of the standard Crouzeix–Raviart space, namely the continuity of mean values at interfaces and the existence of an interpolator which preserves the mean value of the gradient inside each element. The construction borrows(More)
Novel analogues of the minimal antinociceptive histogranin (HN) fragment Gly(7)-Gln-Gly-Arg(10), in which amino acids in positions 8, 9, and 10 were replaced by lipophilic amino acids and corresponding d-amino acid residues in combination with N- to C-terminal cyclization, were synthesized and tested in various animal models of pain. All synthetic compounds(More)
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