Simon Leigh-Smith

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BACKGROUND Although health care providers utilize classically described signs and symptoms to diagnose tension pneumothorax, available literature sources differ in their descriptions of its clinical manifestations. Moreover, while the clinical manifestations of tension pneumothorax have been suggested to differ among subjects of varying respiratory status,(More)
Diarrhoea is the most common illness affecting travellers to developing countries. Our study was designed to compare the efficacy of a single 500 mg dose of ciprofloxacin with placebo for treatment of acute diarrhoea in travellers. British troops who were within their first 8 weeks of deployment in Belize and who presented within 24 h of the onset of(More)
The recently published correspondence by Simpson is welcomed in so far as it correctly highlights some issues concerning tension pneumothorax. 1 We agree that there are large differences in the pathophysiology and clinical manifestations of spontaneously breathing and mechanically ventilated patients presenting with a tension pneumothorax. It is also well(More)
In my brief letter 1 I did not mean to imply that Leigh-Smith and Harris 2 found the case reports they cited as unconvincing, merely that I did not find it convincing that supra-atmospheric pleural pressure was the main explanation for the clinical condition of these patients. The ill patients in the cases cited by Leigh-Smith and Harris and reported by(More)
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