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Network performance metrics such as available bandwidth and latency are essential to achieve good Quality of Service (QoS) in multimedia streaming. There are unique requirements in network performance metrics for media applications, such as audio conferencing, video streaming, video conferencing, and high-definition (HD) video conferencing. In this paper,(More)
Traditionally, Lisfranc fracture dislocations have been treated with transarticular screw fixation. A more recent development has been the use of dorsal bridging plates. The aim of the present study was to compare the radiologic outcomes for these 2 methods. Currently, no data comparing the outcomes of these 2 treatment options have been reported. A total(More)
Musculoskeletal trauma to the foot is a common presentation to EDs. A Lisfranc fracture dislocation involves injury to the bony and soft tissue structures of the tarsometatarsal joint. While it is most commonly seen post high velocity trauma, it can also present post minor trauma. It is also misdiagnosed in approximately 20% of cases. These Lisfranc(More)
AIM The classification of a Lisfranc injury has conventionally been based around Myerson's system. The aims of this study were to review whether a novel classification system based on sagittal displacement of the tarsometatarsal joint and breadth of injury as determined by a columnar theory was associated with functional outcomes and thus had a greater(More)
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