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The pre-sensor 1 (PS1) hairpin is found in ring-shaped helicases of the AAA+ family (ATPases associated with a variety of cellular activities) of proteins and is implicated in DNA translocation during DNA unwinding of archaeal mini-chromosome maintenance (MCM) and superfamily 3 viral replicative helicases. To determine whether the PS1 hairpin is required(More)
In this paper, the concept of restricted real perturbation values of a complex matrix triplet is introduced, and a formula for computing lower bounds of these values is presented. Restricted real perturbation values are a generalization of the real perturbation values introduced in [1], which is a key concept in evaluating various robustness radii found in(More)
ZNF403, also known as GGNBP2 (gametogenetin binding protein 2), is a highly conserved gene implicated in spermatogenesis. However, the exact biological function of ZNF403 is not clear. In this study, we identified the role of ZNF403 in cell proliferation and cell-cycle regulation by utilizing short hairpin RNA (shRNA)-mediated knockdown. ZNF403-specific(More)
This study describes the successful delivery of helper-dependent adenoviral vectors to the mouse retina with long term and robust levels of reporter expression in the retina without apparent adverse effects. Since these vectors have a large cloning capacity, they have great potential to extend the success of gene therapy achieved using the adeno-associated(More)
BACKGROUND Vertebrate trunk induction requires inhibition of bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) signaling, whereas vertebrate head induction requires concerted inhibition of both Wnt and BMP signaling. RNA binding proteins play diverse roles in embryonic development and their roles in vertebrate head development remain to be elucidated. RESULTS We first(More)
BACKGROUND Genetic mutations in several ubiquitously expressed RNA splicing genes such as PRPF3, PRP31 and PRPC8, have been found to cause retina-specific diseases in humans. To understand this intriguing phenomenon, most studies have been focused on testing two major hypotheses. One hypothesis assumes that these mutations interrupt retina-specific(More)
Abstract: The real decentralized fixed mode radius measures how “near” a decentralized LTI system is from having a decentralized fixed mode (DFM) present. In this paper, some properties of the real DFM radius are discussed, a procedure for computing the actual system parametric perturbations that achieve the real DFM radius is presented, and the real DFM(More)
This paper generalizes the notion of real perturbation values of a complex matrix to account for a more general perturbation structure. Formulas for computing the so-called generalized real perturbation values of a matrix are derived and presented. Using these results, we revisit the computation of the structured real controllability radius that was(More)