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With the maturation of next-generation DNA sequencing (NGS) technologies, the throughput of DNA sequencing reads has soared to over 600 gigabases from a single instrument run. General purpose computing on graphics processing units (GPGPU), extracts the computing power from hundreds of parallel stream processors within graphics processing cores and provides(More)
Delay Tolerant Networking has been a hot topic of interest in networking since the start of the century, and has sparked a significant amount of research in the area, particularly in an age where the ultimate goal is to provide ubiquitous con-nectivity, even in regions previously considered inaccessible. Protocols and applications in popular use on the(More)
— Reliability is critical to a variety of network applications. Unfortunately, due to lack of QoS support across ISP boundaries, it is difficult to achieve even two 9s (99%) reliability in today's Internet. In this paper, we propose SmartTunnel, an end-to-end approach to achieving reliability. A SmartTunnel is a logical point-to-point tunnel between two end(More)