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With the maturation of next-generation DNA sequencing (NGS) technologies, the throughput of DNA sequencing reads has soared to over 600 gigabases from a single instrument run. General purpose computing on graphics processing units (GPGPU), extracts the computing power from hundreds of parallel stream processors within graphics processing cores and provides(More)
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This paper generalizes the notion of real perturbation values of a complex matrix to account for a more general perturbation structure. Formulas for computing the so-called generalized real perturbation values of a matrix are derived and presented. Using these results, we revisit the computation of the structured real controllability radius that was(More)
— Reliability is critical to a variety of network applications. Unfortunately, due to lack of QoS support across ISP boundaries, it is difficult to achieve even two 9s (99%) reliability in today's Internet. In this paper, we propose SmartTunnel, an end-to-end approach to achieving reliability. A SmartTunnel is a logical point-to-point tunnel between two end(More)