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Oculodentodigital dysplasia (ODDD) is a rare autosomal dominant disease that results in visible developmental anomalies of the limbs, face, eyes and teeth. Recently analysis of human connexin43 (Cx43) DNA sequences has revealed a number of different missense, duplication and frame shift mutations resulting in this phenotype. A mouse model of this disorder(More)
The financial system makes an important contribution to the welfare of all Canadians. The ability of households and firms to confidently hold and transfer financial assets is one of the fundamental building blocks of the Canadian economy. As part of its commitment to promoting the economic and financial welfare of Canada, the Bank of Canada actively fosters(More)
BACKGROUND To reduce medication discrepancies (unintended differences between a patient's outpatient and inpatient medication regimens), Canadian institutions have implemented medication reconciliation forms that are prepopulated with outpatient medication dispensing data. These may prompt prescribers to reorder discontinued medications or continue newly(More)
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