Simon Kielhöfer

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This paper presents a humanoid two-arm system developed as a research platform for studying dexterous twohanded manipulation. The system is based on the modular DLRLightweight-Robot-III and the DLR-Hand-II. Two arms and hands are combined with a three degrees-of-freedom movable torso and a visual system to form a complete humanoid upper body. In this paper(More)
This paper deals with the concept and implementation of a multi-purpose vision platform. In robotics, numerous applications require perception. A multi-purpose vision platform suited for object recognition, cultural heritage preservation and visual servoing at the same time is missing. In this work, we draw attention to the design principles for such a(More)
In the context of 3-D scene modeling, this work aims at the accurate estimation of the pose of a close-range 3-D modeling device, in real-time and passively from its own images. This novel development makes it possible to abandon using inconvenient, expensive external positioning systems. The approach comprises an ego-motion algorithm tracking natural,(More)
Precise and robust perception of the environment is crucial for highly integrated and autonomous robot systems. In this paper the dedicated design of a triangulation based laser range scanner optimized for 3D-modelling and autonomous exploration in robotics is presented. The presented laser scanner design is based on an extremely small MEMS scan head(More)
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