Simon Kamande Kuria

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Preservation of viable tissue is important in wound management. It is achieved by small, incremental removal of devitalised, necrotic and infected tissues. Maggot debridement therapy (MDT) is used in septic necrotic wounds that fail to respond to conventional modalities. MDT has relied on Lucilia sericata, which consumes only necrotic tissues, as opposed to(More)
BACKGROUND Myiasis is the infestation of live tissue of humans and other vertebrates by larvae of flies. Worldwide, myiasis of humans is seldom reported, although the trend is gradually changing in some countries. Reports of human myiasis in Africa are few. Several cases of myiasis were recently seen at the Mthatha Hospital Complex, Mthatha, Eastern Cape(More)
short-acting contraceptive methods, with inadequate counselling and barriers in the health care system being contributory factors in such contraceptive failure. Participant knowledge of sterilisation was greater than that regarding IUDs in this study, probably owing to the presence of sterilisation services in the Western Cape and the lack of IUD promotion(More)
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