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OBJECTIVES Salivary analysis is a noninvasive alternative that may be more acceptable to patients, especially children. As such, it has the potential for incorporation into comprehensive, dynamic investigations of metabolic dysfunctions - a significant advancement over a single time point serum analysis. In this study, we wanted to determine if the serum(More)
Absorbed-dose calculations for radioimmunotherapy are generally based on tracer imaging studies of the labeled antibody. Such calculations yield estimates of the average dose to normal and target tissues assuming idealized geometries for both the radioactivity source volume and the target volume. This work describes a methodology that integrates functional(More)
BACKGROUND Converging evidence suggests dysregulation of epigenetics in terms of histone-mediated acetylation/deacetylation imbalance in Parkinson's disease (PD). Targeting histone deacetylase (HDAC) in neuronal survival and neuroprotection may be beneficial in the treatment and prevention of neurodegenerative disorders. Few pharmacological studies use the(More)
Converging evidence identifies stress-related disorders as putative risk factors for Alzheimer Disease (AD). This article reviews evidence on the complex interplay of stress, aging, and genes-epigenetics interactions. The recent classification of AD into preclinical, mild cognitive impairment, and AD offers a window for intervention to prevent, delay, or(More)
Robert T. Schooley, Cathie Spino, Daniel Kuritzkes, Bruce D. Walker, Fred T. Valentine, Martin S. Hirsch, Elizabeth Cooney, Gerald Friedland, Smriti Kundu, Thomas C. Merigan, Jr., M. Juliana McElrath, Ann Collier, Susan Plaeger, Ronald Mitsuyasu, James Kahn, Patrick Haslett, Patricia Uherova, Victor deGruttola, Simon Chiu, Bin Zhang, Gayle Jones, Dawn Bell,(More)
The binding characteristics of the pBR (peripheral benzodiazepine receptor) inverse agonist, [3H]-Ro 5-4864, were examined in patients diagnosed as generalized anxiety disorder. As compared to normal healthy controls, the anxious subjects demonstrated a statistically significant (p < 0.001) increase in the density of pBR in platelets. The enhanced pBR(More)
BACKGROUND Pediatric tracheostomy has undergone notable changes in frequency and indication over the past 30 years. This study investigates pediatric tracheostomy at British Columbia Children's Hospital (BCCH) over a 30-year period. METHODS A retrospective chart review of tracheostomy cases at BCCH from 1982 to 2011 was conducted. Charts were reviewed for(More)
In routine work, medical staff usually has to rely on the patient's self-reports of criminal activity and of recent involvement in fights. This study examines how these self-reports of crime correlate with the patients' routine urine tests and personality measures. Pearson correlations of these self-reports by 55 methadone patients (M age = 34.1 yr., SD =(More)
OBJECTIVES Explore Aboriginal women's responses to an adapted Risk Behaviour Diagnosis (RBD) Scale about smoking in pregnancy. METHODS AND DESIGN An Aboriginal researcher interviewed women and completed a cross-sectional survey including 20 Likert scales. SETTING Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services, community groups and playgroups and(More)
AIMS Diabetes-related microvascular disease has been implicated in the development of foot ulceration and amputation. Assessment of microvascular function may be effective in identifying those at risk of diabetic foot complications. We investigated the relationship between active or previous foot complication and post-occlusive reactive hyperaemia (PORH)(More)