Simon Justin Adamson

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Drug use creates a significant amount of harm in modern societies. From an evolutionary perspective, the pervasive use of drugs and the ongoing risk of drug addiction can be explained in terms of the action of drugs on evolved motivational-emotional systems. Addiction arises through interaction of these evolutionarily ancient systems, designed to promote(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the extent of psychiatric disorder and mental health service utilization in a representative outpatient alcohol and other drug (AOD) treatment sample in New Zealand. METHOD A total of 105 patients were randomly recruited from two outpatient AOD treatment services in New Zealand and completed a diagnostic interview within the first 2(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine characteristics of patients with social phobia (SP) in alcohol and drug treatment settings and to identify features distinguishing this group from patients with and without other psychiatric conditions. METHOD A random sample of 105 patients completing an initial assessment at two outpatient alcohol and drug treatment services were(More)
BACKGROUND The exact link between the process engaged in during Motivational Interviewing based interventions, such as Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET), and outcome is yet to be fully understood. AIMS This preliminary study examined Client Language during MET and outcome. METHOD A modified Motivational Interviewing Skills Code Version 2.0 was used(More)
(2014). Nabiximols as an agonist replacement therapy during cannabis withdrawal: A randomized clinical trial. (2014). Women's perceptions of information about alcohol use during pregnancy: A qualitative study. (2014). Randomized controlled trial of micbt for co-existing alcohol misuse and depression: Outcomes to 36-months. (2014). 'Better health choices' by(More)
Despite the high rate of co-occurrence of major depression and alcohol dependence, the role of pharmacotherapy in their treatment remains unclear. In the new era of naltrexone for alcohol dependence, it is notable that only 1 study to date has examined the efficacy of antidepressant medication prescribed concurrently with naltrexone. We aimed to determine(More)
The purpose of the present paper was to explore the concept and experience of God in relation to recovery from drug addiction from a scientific perspective. Examination of a diverse literature was undertaken, including five key threads: the universality of the experience of God; the induction of spiritual experiences of God through hallucinogenic drugs; the(More)
There is a growing interest in the comorbidity of "substance use disorder" and "problem gambling." although there has been little study specifically on people with "alcohol dependence" who are being treated in general alcohol- and drug-user outpatient settings. This study aimed to determine the nature and extent of gambling in a sample of 124 mild-moderate(More)
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