Simon Jonathan Tuke

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Study of the Internet's high-level structure has for some time intrigued scientists. The AS-graph (showing interconnections between Autonomous Systems) has been measured, studied, modelled and discussed in many papers over the last decade. However, the quality of the measurement data has always been in question. It is by now well known that most(More)
How can researchers test for heterogeneity in the local structure of a network? In this paper, we present a framework that utilizes random sampling to give subgraphs which are then used in a goodness of fit test to test for heterogeneity. We illustrate how to use the goodness of fit test for an analytically derived distribution as well as an empirical(More)
A graph is used to represent data in which the relationships between the objects in the data are at least as important as the objects themselves. Over the last two decades nearly a hundred file formats have been proposed or used to provide portable access to such data. This paper seeks to review these formats, and provide some insight to both reduce the(More)
The use of secure connections using HTTPS as the default means, or even the only means, to connect to web servers is increasing. It is being pushed from both sides: from the bottom up by client distributions and plugins, and from the top down by organisations such as Google. However, there are potential technical hurdles that might lock some clients out of(More)
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