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Diaspora politics and developmental empire : the Syro-Lebanese at the League of Nations
We grant readily that France has made certain investments in Syria and that she has been paying some of the bills of this adventure in mandatory rule. But . . . the more Syria becomes indebted toExpand
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The difficulty of recognizing less obvious forms of group-based discrimination
Research on perceptions of discrimination has focused on group-based differential treatment that is widely accepted as being illegitimate (e.g., based on race or gender). The present researchExpand
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The Stump-jumpers: National Identity and the Mythology of Australian Industrial Design in the Period 19301975
Introduction Stump-jump plows, Sunshine harvesters, Ford and Holden utes (pick-up trucks), Victa lawn mowers, Hills Hoists—even if these objects are unknown to an international audience, they areExpand
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Transformative Occupations in the Modern Middle East
This article defines and deploys the concept of transformative occupation to argue for its value in understanding the history of state formation (and prevention) in the Middle East across theExpand
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Transformative Relief: Imperial Humanitarianism and Mandatory Development in Syria-Lebanon, 1915–1925
Abstract: This article shows how emergency humanitarian food relief efforts fitted into the gradual establishment of French imperial occupation in Syria-Lebanon between 1915 and 1925. It argues thatExpand
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How Europe became law
Abstract The aim of this article is to question whether European Community law – as the legal framework for apprehending and legitimizing European integration – is “natural” by examining the periodExpand
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Diverse Engagement: Drawing in the Margins
Second, revised edition of the Proceedings, originally published on CD-Rom as ISBN 978-0-9566139-0-5.
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Global Recruitment: The Wartime Origins of French Mandate Syria
On Saturday 6 October 1917, in a French military training camp near the village of Akanthou, on the northern littoral of Cyprus, a man climbed onto a bed and began to speak.1 He was a medical nurseExpand
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