Simon J. Jones

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The function of the profuse descending innervation from the auditory cortex is largely unknown; however, recent studies have demonstrated that focal stimulation of auditory cortex effects frequency tuning curves, duration tuning, and other auditory parameters in the inferior colliculus. Here we demonstrate that, in an anesthetized guinea pig, nonfocal(More)
Reversible inactivation of the cortex by surface cooling is a powerful method for studying the function of a particular area. Implanted cooling cryoloops have been used to study the role of individual cortical areas in auditory processing of awake-behaving cats. Cryoloops have also been used in rodents for reversible inactivation of the cortex, but recently(More)
The concept of steering was introduced by Schrödinger in 1935 as a generalization of the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox for arbitrary pure bipartite entangled states and arbitrary measurements by one party. Until now, it has never been rigorously defined, so it has not been known (for example) what mixed states are steerable (that is, can be used to(More)
We report on graphene-based Josephson junctions with contacts made from lead. The high transition temperature of this superconductor allows us to observe the supercurrent branch at temperatures up to ∼2 K, at which point we can detect a small, but nonzero, resistance. We attribute this resistance to the phase diffusion mechanism, which has not been yet(More)
We report on the design and the collection of a multi-modal data corpus for cognitive acoustic scene analysis. Sounds are generated by stationary and moving sources (people), that is by omni-directional speakers mounted on people's heads. One or two subjects walk along predetermined systematic and random paths, in synchrony and out of sync. Sound is(More)
Exponential growth of self-amplified spontaneous emission at 530 nm was first experimentally observed at the Advanced Photon Source low-energy undulator test line in December 1999. Since then, further detailed measurements and analysis of the results have been made. Here, we present the measurements and compare these with calculations based on measured(More)
A strong subjective tendency exists for simultaneous sound frequencies forming an harmonic series (integer multiples of the fundamental) to "group" together into a unified auditory percept whose pitch is similar to that of the fundamental. The aim of the study was to determine whether cortical auditory evoked potentials (AEPs) to complex tones differ(More)
The relative permittivity and loss of zon e-refi ned si ngle crys ta ls of hexagonal ice have been measured in the temperature range 200-271 K a nd freq u e ncy range 0.5 Hz-O.2 MHz, using brass, stainless steel, and gold-foil electrodes. The c-axis of the crystal was oriented parallel to the electric field in 14 samples a nd perpendicular to the field in 8(More)