Simon Jäger

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The prodrugs azathioprine and 6-mercaptopurine, which are well-established anticancer and immunosuppressive agents, are extensively metabolized by activating and inactivating enzymes. Whereas the 6-thioguanine nucleotides (TGN) are currently being considered as major active metabolites, methylthioinosine nucleotides seem to contribute to the cytotoxic(More)
  • Miguel Almunia, David Lopez-Rodriguez, +17 authors Owen Zidar
  • 2012
In modern tax systems, firms remit the majority of tax revenues raised by the government, which gives them opportunities to avoid and evade taxes by misreporting their activities. In this paper, we use a natural policy experiment to analyze how firms respond to different tax enforcement regimes. The Spanish Large Taxpayers’ Unit (LTU) monitors and enforces(More)
I exploit a natural experiment in India to identify how mixing wealthy and poor students in schools a ects social preferences and behaviors. A policy change in 2007 forced many private schools in Delhi to meet a quota of poor children in admissions. This led to a sharp increase in the presence of poor children in new cohorts in those schools, but not in(More)
This paper analyzes how policy changes affect shareholder wealth in the context of environmental regulation. We exploit the unique and unexpected German reaction to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, which involved the immediate shutdown of almost half of Germany’s nuclear reactors while safety checks were carried out, and a three-month moratorium on(More)
High levels of alcohol consumption are more common among the poor. This fact could have economic consequences beyond mere income effects because alcohol impairs mental processes and decision-making. Since alcohol is thought to induce myopia, this paper tests for impacts on savings behavior and on self-control. In a three-week field experiment with(More)
We study how political party turnover in mayoral elections in Brazil affects the provision of public education. Exploiting a regression discontinuity design for close elections, we find that municipalities with a new party in office have test scores that are 0.05–0.08 standard deviations lower than comparable municipalities with no change in the political(More)